Why Do I Lose Connection to Social Media Platforms?

image that shows Contentware's connectivity to social media and email

Contentware distributes the social media content it creates primarily through integrations with the major social networks – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter).  But in order for the content to flow from Contentware into these platforms, there must be a connection.   


Sometimes, out of nowhere, and without any notice, these connections can be lost. This can happen for a number of reasons, but here’s the headline: like Contentware, these platforms are making updates constantly.  Sometimes, but not always, when an update is made, the connection to Contentware is lost.  


These are the main reasons (I’m omitting the marginal ones) social connections are lost:  


Security Measures: Social media platforms aim to make security and privacy of their users a priority. To protect their data and networks, these platforms frequently update their security protocols. Unfortunately, these updates can break the connection.


Policy Changes: These platforms often revise their terms of service and API policies. These changes can result in applications like Contentware no longer being in compliance with the platforms’ rules. As a result, Contentware may lose access to key functionalities, which would lead to a lost connection.


Algorithmic Changes: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram continually refine their content algorithms. Contentware may not be aware of every algorithmic change, so when they are implemented (unfortunately with no notice) it may lose access to privileges and/or permissions needed to maintain the connection.  


If a connection is lost, it takes less than a minute to reconnect. All you need is the username and password to the social account that was disconnected, go to the “Integrations” tab in the upper right corner of the app, and re-establish the connection. 


Also, when you first log-in and see the Contentware dashboard, the right column is dedicated to displaying the connection status of each integration.  If there is a disconnected social platform, you’ll see it there.


Another measure Contentware takes to mitigate the impact of these disconnections is to send users connection notifications. Once a social post is scheduled, by default, Contentware checks the status of the connection 6 hours, and 12 hours before the scheduled post time.  You can change these timeframes for these notifications by going to My Account>Settings>Configure Notifications.  


Additionally, notifications are triggered to users if a piece of content fails to post due to the loss of a connection. 


As long as our partners make updates to their platforms for mission-critical reasons such as security, platform improvements, and policy changes, which they will, losing an integration connection is inevitable. Fortunately, rectifying the situation is a simple process.  


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