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Create campaigns for events, webinars, blogs, case studies, classes, podcasts, and more

Contentware Product Feature

Contentware automatically creates a complete marketing campaign of emails and social media posts.

Content Creation

Spend less time creating content

Contentware uses AI and your landing page to create an entire series of emails and social media posts, each containing a campaign image and customized copy.
With our smart content, the cadence, tone, and copy of the promotions change as your campaign enters new phases and nears milestones.
From scrolling through content suggestions, to editing a promotion, to changing layouts, you have full control over every dimension of the campaign.
Contentware Content Creation
Contentware Scheduling Marketing Campaign

Campaign Scheduling

AI and a strategic approach to drive engagement

Select a promotional time frame and Contentware creates a campaign schedule with the optimal number of promotions for EACH marketing channel.
Contentware’s Campaign algorithms are developed by a team of digital marketing experts specializing in event promotion

There’s full flexibility to change the schedule. You can set preferred sending days, delete or clone a promotion, reschedule a promotion, and more.

Image Selection & Optimization

An image library curated specifically for event promotion communications

Using AI, Contentware automatically selects a campaign image. Don’t like it? You can easily select another. You can also upload your own campaign image.
Every image is optimized for its marketing channel. Intelligent, AI-assisted cropping ensures all images have the correct dimensions and are centrally framed.

Contentware’s high-quality campaign images are curated from Shutterstock®. These images are included in each plan, thus eliminating extra licensing costs and potential copyright issues.

Shutterstock partnership
digital integrations

Content Approval & Distribution

Simple campaign management tools optimize efficiency

Contentware has a simple process for reviewing and approving campaign promotions.
Easily schedule and post your promotions via our integrations with the leading social networks.
Download complete asset packages optimized for your promotion channels that include HTML, CSV and image files.

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Save HOURS in time & productivity on each event...

With Contentware

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Strategic Planning

Event promotion best practices are already in place—content, calls-to-action, scheduling, and more. We do the heavy lifting, so you have time for other tasks.

Strategic planning, whether your business uses an agency, freelancers or an in-house marketing department, can take days, if not weeks to prepare.

Creative Design & Imagery

Contentware’s AI engine uses your landing page content and additional event information to select a fully licensed image that best communicates your event and brand.
Designing and choosing an image for your campaign can be time-consuming. Plus, there can be costs involved and expose you copywrite violations.


Contentware’s AI engine generates unique, on-brand campaign copy for deployment across your email and social media channels in minutes.

Crafting the perfect message involves rounds of creating, proofing, and editing. The amount of time spent on even short posts adds up.

Review & Optimization

All you do is review and approve the promotions – that’s it. Image specs, character counts, calls-to-actions, and other components are already configured for each platform.

Content and creative review and optimization are time consuming and take working knowledge of best practices for social and email platforms to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Scheduling & Deployment

Contentware’s AI-driven dynamic campaign design takes out all of the guess work and creates a content deployment scheduled optimized for maximum results.
Campaign design and scheduling can be challenging even for the most seasoned marketer.

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