The Contentware Story

As experienced tech innovators, we created Contentware to alleviate the problem marketers face creating effective, quality promotional content.

As the founders of Real Magnet, a cloud marketing company, we spent more than two decades in the digital marketing trenches building one of the first email marketing systems and expanding it into a fully integrated marketing automation platform. We witnessed firsthand how technology could dramatically streamline and improve marketing functions.  Real Magnet was part of the initial wave of companies that developed features like segmentation, personalization, triggered messaging and social media integration.

Despite these technological advances, marketers continue to be plagued by one perennial problem. They still cannot effectively create the needed content to fuel their digital campaigns. That’s where Contentware comes in.

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Natural Language Processing, have allowed us to combine customer creativity with automated processes to build a system that instantaneously creates digital content for event promotions.  

WIth the outbreak of COVID-19, and companies scrambling to transition from physical events to online programs, it is even clearer to us how important events and event promotion are to a company’s financial wellbeing. Having successfully weathered the 2008 recession, the Contentware team has a keen understanding of how to provide organizations with solutions that address real problems, can be implemented quickly, and are extremely cost effective.

Contentware Story

Our Mission

Make event marketing easier by helping organizations produce agency-quality promotional content in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

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