AI is Mainstreaming, and it’s Coming to an App Near You

When it Comes to AI, Change Happens Quickly

It’s been nearly two months since ChatGPT burst onto the scene and began the process of altering digital marketing.  The implications for marketers are massive, and the way we work is rapidly  changing.

Chat GPT is an example of “Generative AI,” which uses specially trained algorithms to produce original text and images.  Soon, the applications you use on a daily basis (think Hubspot, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, etc.) will incorporate features powered by Generative AI.  The integration of generative AI into major tech applications is already happening, a prime example being major Search Engines.

Last week, Microsoft and Google unveiled their plans to incorporate Generative AI into their search engines.  During his presentation on the Bing Search Engine, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, expressed that there has been little innovation when it comes to search engines.  Luckily, incorporating AI into these powerful tools will alleviate this stagnation, and create more intuitive technology.

How Generative AI will Affect Search Engines

  • Better comprehension: AI-powered search engines will use Natural Language Processing techniques to better understand what users are searching.  This means search engines will provide more accurate results, even when people use conversational language that an ordinary search engine may not understand.
  • More personalization: Using a person’s search history, location, and other factors, AI will provide results that match their needs rather than spitting out a one size fits all answer.  For example, if a user previously searched for “gluten-free options,” and then search for restaurant recommendations, the search engine will likely suggest restaurants that fit their dietary restrictions.
  • Consideration of human emotions: AI search engines will also use sentiment analysis to determine how a user is feeling.  By doing this, the engine can provide results that best fit the person’s mood at the time.
  • Results will improve over time: Through machine learning, AI powered search engines will get smarter.  Over time, they will continuously analyze user behavior and update results concurrently.

Where Will Generative AI Appear?

So, how will Generative AI manifest in your everyday applications?  One place Generative AI is sure to appear is in the creation of original content.  For example, a sales team will be able to produce emails and social media posts with AI-generated sales pitches, product descriptions, and thought leadership.  Along with that, marketers will be able to use their email and marketing automation platforms to produce promotional content for any kind of lead gen asset and/or event.

The intersection of Generative AI, email marketing, and social media platforms is already underway. This junction of technologies will make applications more intuitive, adaptive, and better at meeting customer’s needs.

Implications for Marketers

It seems like AI can do it all, so does this signal the end for marketers? Not even close. While AI has tremendous potential, it’s still far from a 100% solution. This was proven when Google launched their AI search-engine, Bard, and it returned false information. This underscores the fact that AI technology is far from foolproof.  Humans are still essential in the development of AI to fact check , edit, and ensure quality results.

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