Landing Page and Email Copy…What’s the Difference?

Landing Page Email Copy

Your landing page and email copy often have the same information, so what’s the actual difference? Email promotions are the workhorse of your webinar marketing plan. This is where the majority of your registrations will come from. It’s tempting to replicate your webinar registration copy, but should you? After all, you’ve put a lot of thought into what to include on the registration page and it contains everything someone would want to know about your webinar. So, why not use that copy?

You’re absolutely right, you can and should use some of your webinar registration page copy in other promotions. But notice we said somea subset, but not all. The reason? They serve two different objectives.

Your Registration Page

First, the registration page can be considered the “rock” of your webinar. This means that your registration page is the authoritative source when it comes to information about your webinar. By nature, the registration page will do the heavy lifting in terms of information about your webinar. The registration page should provide much more information than your email copy.

Additionally, your registration page doesn’t change throughout your promotional period. Conversely, your webinar emails will. It’s a good practice for your registration page be a constant during while promoting your webinar. In doing this, you will have more flexibility in your email promotions! Your landing page and emails work together and complement one another.

Your Email Copy

In comparison, the goal of your webinar emails is not to sell everything about the webinar. Your goal in webinar copy is to provide just enough information to get the click. With this, you should keep your email messages short and to the point. As an example, if you include speaker bios on your registration page, leave them out of the email copy. Your email copy should include the speaker’s name, title and company. If someone is curious about your speaker, they can reference your registration page.

In short, you can “borrow” copy from your registration page for your other assets, but make sure your communications are appropriate for each channel, adjusting for length and context.

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