How to Use Your Blog to Promote a Webinar

Use Blog Promote Webinar

To promote a webinar, blog posts can work hand-in-hand with your traditional email campaign route. While email is still the most popular way that professionals promote a webinar, using your company’s blog to host promotional material is a golden opportunity to expand your reach.

Sales often drives the what, where, and when of webinars, while marketing handles the promotional side. Unfortunately, this division of labor can lead to blind spots in the promotion strategy. These blindspots can cause tight turnaround times that leaves the blog post out of the entire promotional campaign.

This is why you should take the time to align your promotional content. Aligning your promotional content creates cohesive messaging, a more professional image, and a better user experience. With all material planned and streamlined, your webinar will hit attendance targets, and turn prospects into customers. Here are three ways to successfully align your promotional content when promoting a webinar.

Step 1: Get Sales & Marketing on the Same Page 

In today’s digital landscape, webinars have emerged as a staple in the B2B marketing playbook. According to one source, “73% of marketers consider webinars to be the best way to generate quality leads.” With webinars playing such a significant role in lead generation, it’s important that your sales and marketing teams are aligned on webinar goals and promotional strategies. 

“87% of sales and marketing leaders say collaboration between sales and marketing enables critical business growth. 85% say sales and marketing alignment is the largest opportunity for improving business performance today.” 


Sales and marketing teams should be in sync to hit attendance and conversion targets. Establishing regular communication between sales and marketing when planning online events and promotional campaigns facilitates this process.

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The synergy created between the sales and marketing teams establishes a unified message across all your marketing channels. It also gives both teams the time and visibility needed to use the company blog to promote an upcoming webinar. However, creating synergy can be challenging, and maintaining that synergy can even more difficult. We’re here to help! Below are the three main strategies we’ve seen work to get everyone aligned on promoting events on the company blog.

  1. Touch base regularly

Schedule recurring meetings so both teams can collaborate and share updates about upcoming projects.

  1. Use collaborative tools 

Give your teams the tools they need to effectively collaborate on webinars and other projects. For example, you can use a shared calendar or project management app. By sharing a calendar, everyone gets an overview of each department’s projects. That way, your marketing team can identify opportunities for collaboration. Along with that, your sales team can make the best use of the resources the marketing team produces.

Did you know?

Research has shown, “65% of sales reps say they can’t find content to send to prospects.” Sales Reps are often either unaware of which resources exist or unsure where to find those resources when they need them. 

  1. Establish workflows 

Cross-departmental collaboration can be hard without a strategic workflow. This is why it’s important to establish a workflow for interdepartmental collaboration on time-sensitive webinars. This workflow should clarify who the key players are, who is responsible for what, and who’s providing final approval on promotional assets, like blog content. 

Step 2: Build Webinar Promotion into your Blogging Calendar

Once you’ve established a strategy for keeping sales and marketing on the same page, it’s time to build it into your calendar. Your blog shouldn’t exist in a bubble, which is why the deeper you can integrate upcoming webinars into your marketing plan, the better.  

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Marketing content calendars tend to be planned well in advance so each quarter has a comprehensive plan. On the other hand, sales initiatives tend to be more reactive—responding to numbers and projections in the short term. 

That’s what makes the synergy discussed in Step One so important. The further ahead you can plan, the better your results will be. In fact, “promoting a webinar four weeks in advance results in 12% more registrations on average.”

Even if you’re using segmented lists for webinar promotion via email, you can still promote the event on your blog to help build excitement.  

Ways to Promote Your Webinar on Your Blog

There are no defined rules when it comes to what content should be posted on the company blog. While you want to maintain professionalism, the sky is the limit creatively! Here are four of the most common ways we’ve seen bloggers handle webinar promotion. 

  1. Be a tease

For this strategy to work, you’ll need significant time between when webinar promotion begins and when it airs. 

Piquing the curiosity of your readers helps build excitement for your upcoming webinar. You can do this by writing a series of posts that tease or compliment the webinar’s main topic. 

Hubpost suggests that you “get your audience warmed up to the topic of the webinar by creating blog content that discusses that topic at different angles.” In these posts, you should also add a call-to-action (CTA) that takes readers to the webinar’s registration page. 

Hubspot highlights that a great aspect about this strategy is,”if you start writing posts about the webinar topic far enough in advance, you can use the questions readers ask in the comments section to beef up your presentation, too.” Including content in your webinar that readers inquire about makes your presentation even more polished and comprehensive.

  1. Create a promotional post

If you don’t have time to build upon the webinar topic to promote your webinar, no problem! You can promote the webinar in an informative blog post. 

Your post should include what the webinar will discuss. It should also discuss why the topic is relevant and what readers can expect to gain from attending your webinar. The format of this post, or posts, depends on your timeframe. If you have enough time, you could cover these topics in individual blog posts. These blog posts can be released according to your timeframe. If time is of the essence, it’s a reasonable practice to include all the information in a single blog post.

This content should compliment the information on the webinar registration page. However, it should not replicate the information. Think of these blog posts as a way to answer any questions that may emerge when a reader visits your landing page. You can also include any information that got cut from the landing page due to design constraints. 

  1. Interview speakers

Another fantastic way to promote your webinar on your blog is to interview your keynote speaker.

Giving readers background on the speaker can help boost their authority, especially if your speaker(s) aren’t well-known outside of your company. Speakers can share information about their career path, and how they became an expert in their field. Or, you can focus on their biggest insights and advice to your readers.  

An interview is also a clever way to let your interview subject speak to the value of your upcoming webinar. The information the speaker shares can easily be repurposed as added-value content that attendees can download after the live event. 

  1. Update existing posts 

It’s a good practice to review your blog archives for posts on related topics. Adding relevant information to previous posts allows you to reuse content, and saves you time in the long run. This is another useful strategy if you don’t have a lot of time to promote your webinar before it airs.

Once you’ve identified a few blog posts that would be ideal candidates for a refresh, republish them with a new CTA that links to the webinar’s registration page. You can also share the updates on social media platforms for even more exposure. Also, don’t forget to change the CTA back to something more generic after the webinar airs.  Here’s an earlier posts that drills down on using social media to promote webinars

Step 3: Work Your Archives  

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In addition to looking through your blog archives for posts to update, you can also choose to update all blog CTAs to point to the webinar you’re promoting. Although, this can be time-consuming if your archives are extensive. If that’s the case, narrow it down to related posts only, adding a new call to action that points to your webinar’s registration page.

You can do this is in a few simple steps: 

  1. Identify the keywords that your webinar topics will center around. 
  1. Search your blog archives for posts containing these keywords. 
  1. Identify the posts that could align with the webinar’s topic and would make sense to tie together. 
  1. Update the CTA of these posts with a new CTA that drives readers to your webinar’s registration page. 
  1. Keep track of all the CTAs you’ve updated in a simple Excel sheet so that you can change them back after the webinar has aired.

Remember, the CTA at the bottom of your blog posts doesn’t have to be a static link to the “Contact Us” page all the time. You can use these powerful buttons to direct readers to landing pages that highlight all upcoming webinars. You can also use them to announce your newest products and services. Don’t be afraid to change it up! Experimenting is a great way to find out what works best for your business and audience. 

Key Takeaways

  • When promoting a webinar, you should create an open feedback loop that only your webinar can close. Use your blog and socials to start the conversation and pique curiosity. Then, direct readers to sign up for your webinar to further their knowledge and get answers to their questions. 
  • A company blog is tool bursting with potential when promoting your webinar. With a commitment to building sales and marketing synergy, you can easily integrate webinar promotion into your blogging calendar. 
  • Promote your webinar by creating a series of blog posts that tease the main subject and approach it from different angles. 
  • If you have a tight deadline, promote your webinar with a few posts that supplement the information on your webinar’s registration landing page. This helps to answer any questions that would-be attendees’ might have. 
  • Interview your speakers to increase their credibility by sharing insights about their background and career.
  • Put your archives to work for webinar promotion. Change CTAs to drive traffic to the webinar registration page wherever possible. Just don’t forget to change them back after the webinar has aired! 

Incorporating your blog into your webinar promotion strategy might take a bit of work, but the rewards are well worth the effort. A Hubspot study found that a company blog can bring “55% more visitors” to your site. That increased traffic can have a compound effect on your reach, and put your content in front of a much larger audience. Blog posts also give you another tool to promote your webinar on social media, increasing the number of people who hear about your event.

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