How AI Can Turn Anyone Into A Marketer

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I have a confession to make… I was never going to be a marketer. Perhaps I was too self critical, but I viewed my technical skills to be far more developed than my creative skills – which is probably still true.

That being said, I realized that being able to market, in any capacity, was a game changer for any business and a valuable skill to learn for small businesses. With such a needle moving skill, why doesn’t every small business engage in the modern marketing methods? The answer – Time investment and consistency. Time to learn the skills necessary to move the needle and consistency in messaging. I get it.

However, we now live in the age of AI where a non-marketer can now be a marketer… are my marketers mad yet? If you are, go ahead – this is my permission to skip to the end and read my caveat.


So how the heck can AI turn a non-marketer into a marketer? An entrepreneur into a CMO? Well, let’s take a look at what it takes to start marketing in this day and age.

Content Creation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, generative AI took over the world overnight through a coordinated attack from Skynet… wait, no that was a movie. But, it did give super powers to content creators they never had before. With just a short prompt, anyone can brainstorm and refine ideas with ChatGPT, then ask it to draft up a piece of content.

From there, the non-marketer can apply their subject matter expertise to refine it further, run it through the AI to add the marketing flair, and there you go! Your first piece of content. PLace it on a webpage and you’re ready to promote… oh my. More work. Or, it used to be.

Contentware, the non-marketer can insert the content URL and generate an entire promotional campaign in minutes. What would have taken tens of hours of time, now takes less than an hour. Sure, an elite content writer will probably generate equal or slightly better content, but for the same time spent. Not to mention, what small business or startup can afford these top 10% marketers? The ascent to success has to start somewhere… so jump start it with AI

Social Media Management

Good AI marketing tools will come with social media management built in. Allowing the non-marketer to automate the creation of social media post campaigns (and single social media posts too!), schedule, and post them all in one place. This means the non-marketer doesn’t need to have an intimate knowledge of social media to build an effective social media presence.

Am I suggesting you replace your social media manager with AI? Not at all, I am advocating for you to make their life easier with AI powered tools. Doing so will make them more productive and give them more time to focus on intricate items like strategy development or simply increasing the volume they can produce. (P.S. All this is built into

Advertising Automation

Perhaps online advertising is something you know your business needs, but it’s too time consuming to manage. Well, the good news is there are AI tools for that too. Instead of taking time to develop your skills to develop ad creative, ad placement, and optimization, AI can do that for you. There are a ton of really cool tools that have come out over the past several months that focus on this.

SEO/SEM Optimization

Another controversial but important element of marketing is SEO/SEM optimization. For decades, marketers needed intimate knowledge of how SEO/SEM worked to simply be relevant.

However, with the rise of AI, understanding and implementing effective SEO/SEM has become more accessible. While still not straightforward, AI tools can help the non-marketer make sense of SEO/SEM, help guide the non-marketer through keyword recommendations, and suggest content improvements.


Now can AI alone turn anyone into a great marketer like Seth Godin? Absolutely not. There is a lot to marketing and becoming an expert marketer requires a unique combination of experience and creativity, especially as you look to scale beyond small business. But, for small business employees and owners who wear multiple hats, AI is a gateway and makes it easier than ever before to become a great marketer

Once “non-marketers” start reaping the benefits of the modern marketing techniques, they might be able to hire a marketing expert (who leverages AI to enhance their productivity) to help scale the business. Or, they may become enthralled by the art of marketing and go all in. In short, AI is a tool that can help small  businesses or non-marketing professionals with their first foray into the marketing world. Who knows, once they get here, they might stick around like I did.

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