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We’re continually building new features that bring you value.  Here’s what we’re working on now:

  • AI-Powered Copywriting creator.  Let our AI draft a blog post for you in less than one minute. With Contentware’s new copywriting tool, you simply add basic info about a blog (title, short description, keywords), and Contentware generates a first draft in seconds. Is it ready for publication? No. Does it get you 75% of the way there, yes!  The Copywriting creator also generates blog/webinar topics, and email subject lines.  Want to check it out? Click here to sign up for a demo.

  • Alternative Destination URL. A new field will be added to the Details page that let’s you have one landing page for registration, and another for information about the event or asset (Contentware needs both). Simply add the appropriate landing page link into the appropriate field and you’re good to go!  Estimated Release: October, 2022.

  • Large Events Module. Marketing large events is far different than marketing small ones.  Larger events have multiple dimensions to promote: venue, early bird pricing, agenda, networking opportunities, etc.  Also, key information isn’t always available when the campaign is launched, and needs to be easily added as it becomes available. These are just some of  these reasons why we’re building a module dedicated to large events. In this module, you’ll:
    • Create “mini” campaigns for different parts of the promotional period (save the date, main promotion, last call, etc.)
    • Add and change pricing information (early bird vs. standard pricing)
    • Highlight keynote and other speakers, and much more. 
      Estimated Release Date: Q1, 2023. 

  • Notifications.  There are scores of reasons why a social media post or connection might fail – many of them beyond our control.  But we can control letting you know.  Our team is building a notification engine that enables you to receive notifications when a social post succeeds, fails, and/or when a social media platform integration gets disconnected. Estimated Release: Mid-October, 2022.

Are we missing anything? Please let us know what you love (and more importantly, what you don’t love) about Contentware by emailing us at

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