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A New Model has Entered the Generative AI Realm

OpenAI released its latest “multimodel” language model called GTP-4.  GPT-4 is the smarter and less bias sibling of the AI technology that drives ChatGPT.  The headline of both models is that they respond to text and images.  This advancement is set to take content and image creation to new heights.  If you work in marketing, this is another game-changer worth learning about.

Another incredibly impactful dimension of both models is that they’ll be widely available through API.  As a result, there will be flood of new apps that leverage these AI models.  We expect to see this in a few different forms.  For one, we’ll see a ton of AI apps that create every kind of image and content imaginable.

Google and Salesforce Taking the Generative AI Leap

In fact, yesterday Google announced that they’ll be introducing a series of Generative AI features to apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Gmail.  Soon, Generative AI will be writing job descriptions in Docs, organizing data in Sheets, and composing emails in Gmail.  These are only a few of the exciting ways Google is integrating Generative AI into its platform.  

Another industry giant, Salesforce, announced their new ChatGPT app for Slack last week.  Like Google, this app will provide writing assistant, and even conversation summaries.  With both Google and Salesforce embracing Generative AI, there’s no doubt in value and promise of this innovative technology.

Contentware is a Marketer's Greatest Asset

In addition to tech leaders integrating Generative AI into their platforms, we can expect an uptick in niche apps and AI marketing tools designed for specific industries and use cases.  An example of this is us!  At Contentware, our AI campaign creator uses the same underlying technology as OpenAI to marry AI and marketing automation.  This saves marketers hours of time, and immense amounts of effort.  Contentware auto-generates marketing campaigns for webinars, events, classes, podcasts, and everything in between.

Competition is Driving Innovation

As expected, OpenAI is not the only player in the Generative AI space.  Like mentioned above, Google and Salesforce are now players in the game.  This competition will result in the creation of more apps and platforms that use AI technology to create content and images.  

With so many new apps and platforms emerging, organizations will need to ensure they’re investing in the right technology that provides real value to their customers.  Now that users can get the same quality in content from a variety of platforms, choosing a software will come down to how AI technology can aid in specific tasks

Final Thoughts

The world of AI is changing day-by-day, and the future looks bright for marketers embracing, and testing this game changing technology.

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