Think ChatGPT is your solution for more content? So does everyone else

So Much Content, So Little Time

Everyday marketers are churning out content hoping it ends up in front of their target audience.  With so many players in the field, and so much content being produced, it can be tough to stand out.  Pausing to view content is a split-second decision, so what’s the best way to ensure people stop for your content? For many, their first instinct is to use artificial intelligence to create even more content. 

With Generative AI, More Content Doesn't Mean More Engagement

Unfortunately, when an organization relies solely on the quantity of the content they’re releasing, it’s unlikely they’ll see an uptick in viewership.  While creating content has never been easier since generative AI tools like ChatGPT, JasperAI, and, hit the scene, using them is no longer a unique approach to a marketing strategy.  Now that this technology is so widespread, simply increasing the amount of blogs, newsletters, and social posts won’t suffice.

Using Generative AI to Reduce Repetition and Increase Time for Unique Takes

To stand out, marketers must create unique, compelling, and timely content that showcases their organization’s message. This is where individual expertise comes into play.  While ChatGPT and similar tools can write about almost any topic, they can only create content based on what’s already available. Individual marketers on the other hand, have unique ideas, opinions, and observations that are constantly changing.  Even though AI is capable of writing to an incredible degree of quality, an individual’s voice and viewpoint are what’s going to capture an audience’s attention.

This is not to say that quantity and consistency don’t matter, because they absolutely do.  Delivering compelling, factual, and well produced content on a regular basis is challenging, especially for marketers with small teams and tight deadlines.  With Contentware, marketers can create and schedule social media and email campaigns using the landing page of their event or lead gen asset.  This eliminates an enormous amount of repetition that’s involved in producing effective campaigns.  By automating redundant tasks, marketers have more time to work on high-quality content that showcases their knowledge and unique perspective on the latest topics. 

Generative AI is more of a Tool, Less of a Solution

In short, while AI tools like ChatGPT can be valuable resources for businesses looking to boost their content output, they are by no means a silver bullet for content marketing success. To truly capture the hearts and minds of their audience, marketers need to focus on developing content that speaks to their unique perspective and expertise, using AI as a supporting tool along the way.


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