Save hours creating your next campaign

AI generated campaigns for events, webinars, blogs, case studies, classes, podcasts, and more

Example of Contentware calendar and social posts in editing view

You have enough on your plate,
let Contentware do the heavy lifting.

Generates campaign content

Contentware generates an entire marketing campaign of emails, and social media posts and ads. Each promotion is optimized and tailored for its distribution channel.

image that shows Contentware's connectivity to social media and email
Contentware Calendar

Creates best practice
marketing calendar

All your campaign content is scheduled and populated on a marketing calendar. The distribution schedule is based on digital marketing best practices. Like everything else in Contentware, the schedule is fully customizable.

Contentware Calendar

Contentware is even cooler in person

Writes all the copy

Contentware writes the copy for your campaign’s emails, tweets and posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You have full control in editing the copy, and generating even more content options.

Example of an email generated with Contentware
Shutter Stock Image and Logo

Chooses campaign imagery

Via our partnership with Shutterstock, Contentware offers free, fully licensed imagery for your campaigns. Customers also have the option of using their own campaign imagery.

Shutter Stock Image and Logo

Deploy content via integrations

Your content is distributed primarily via our integration partners. Don’t see your email platform? Let us know! We are always working on new integrations to ensure our customers have a seamless experience.

Hubspot, Mailchimp, Highlogic, Hootsuite, and active campaign logos
Morgan White, Digital Marketing

Contentware was able to to create our entire marketing campaign so fast and effectively.  I don't know how I did it before I found them.

Morgan White

Digital Marketing

Amanda Wild, Digital Marketing

I love how easy Contentware is and how much time it saves me!  An entire marketing campaign takes just a few clicks.

Amanda Wild

Digital Marketing

Hope Adler, Communications and Policy Lead at Concepts Inc.

We're literally saving 5-7 hours for every campaign that we use Contentware.

Hope Adler

Communications & Policy Lead, Concepts Inc.

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