AI is Already Impacting Staffing

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In Less Than Six Months Chat GPT-3 Changed Everything

Believe it or not, it’s been less than six months since the release of Chat GPT-3.  Since then, over 100 million users have signed up.  For most people, this is their first time trying AI, but we’re confident it won’t be their last.

As organizations dive deeper into the world of generative AI, the technology is being adopted faster than anyone could have predicted.  With this new technology comes a wide range of opinions.  From apocalyptic  predictions about AI taking over the world, to overblown claims of its capabilities, the conversation around AI is really running the gamut.   It’s time to take a step back and realistically look at how AI will impact staffing within organizations.

With New Technology Comes New Questions

AI’s introduction into more industries is already impacting staffing.  In fact, some organziations are even experimenting with using AI to complete tasks instead of hiring new employees.

The topic of AI staffing raises important questions.  One fo the most pressing questions is who’s responsible for vetting the information generative AI creates?  Along with that, who is liable for any misinformation?  Subsequently, what are the risks to brand loyalty when using generative AI?  These questions must be considered before adopting AI in any setting.

Generative AI as an Employee

Organizations should think of AI as an employee that needs a little extra oversight.  While it’s capable of creating great work, it’s not perfect.  This leads AI to needing a  supervisor (in this case, humans), to refine edit, and fact-check.

As AI becomes more widespread, there will be a greater need for supervision of the content it produces.  Organizations with two or three entry level positions may end up hiring one human, and using AI for the remaining work.  This employee would presumably oversee and review all the AI-generated content and products.

Generative AI is Shaking Up the Status Quo

Generative AI is causing disruptions and realignment in staffing.  Organizations need tot take a sober look at this fact to carefully evaluate the benefits and risks associated with replacing human some human functions with AI.  In saying that, it is unlikely that AI will completely replace human workers.

Whether its generating content using AI marketing tools like Contentware, or replacing journalists with AI writers, artificial intelligence is on its way to becoming a staple in the workplace. 

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