Will AI Take My Marketing Job?

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Where it All Started

Did you know the term “Artificial Intelligence,” (AI) was first coined in the 1950s?  Since then, AI has transformed from an obscure sci-fi reference, to a robust asset for businesses and organizations.  As AI continues to evolve, we must consider the effects on human jobs.  Mainly, is AI capable of totally replacing a human in a marketing role?  We don’t think so, at least not any time soon.

AI is making waves across industries, and marketing is no exception. The introduction of generative marketing platforms such as Contentware, Grammarly, and copy.ai is enabling marketing professionals to increase the quality and quantity of their work. AI will only get smarter, and integrate deeper into marketing departments.  That being said, AI is simply a tool, a tool that needs human guidance.  Marketing departments will greatly benefit from their fantastic human staff embracing AI technology.

AI and Marketing

Generative AI (auto-creation of content) is here today, and those willing to adopt this technology will see a high return on their investment. Not only will AI benefit organizations, but it will also be the driving force of digital marketing advancements.  Those reading this post will definitely see these innovations during their career.  

When new technology is introduced to any industry, there’s always a chance jobs will be lost. While this is a possibility, we think any replacements will be based on individuals rather than job titles. It’s likely that marketing professionals who approach AI with a balanced perspective, eager to try, but recognize that AI is a tool, are more likely to succeed. 

As mentioned, we believe the best way to view AI is with a balanced perspective.  Assuming AI can pick up an entire human workload is unreasonable. Avoiding AI altogether hinders a department’s ability to achieve its full potential.  In our opinion, those who view AI as a key collaborator will excel in this new marketing landscape. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, AI is not going to steal marketing jobs overnight. However, it will change the way marketing is done. Those willing to adapt and embrace this technology will thrive as AI as their copilots

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