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Create an entire marketing campaign for your next webinar – in minutes.
Contentware Feature Campaign Calendar

Never create an email or social post to promote a webinar again.


Using AI and your registration page, Contentware automatically creates an entire campaign of emails and social media posts - in minutes.

Save Time

All you do is build the registration page and Contentware automatically creates a customized marketing campaign, saving time for more important things.

Best Practices

Contentware was trained by experts, and our automated campaigns are driven by the latest best practices in digital marketing.

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Contentware Summer Release

This Summer, Contentware will release new features for creating campaigns for all types of lead generation. You’ll be able to create campaigns that promote white papers, researching finds, podcasts, ascyn video, online courses, and more. Stay tuned for updates!

How It Works

How Contentware Works - Collect Data

Collect Data

First, you provide a link to your event landing page and answer a few simple questions. Contentware’s AI engine extracts relevant information, generates new original material and prepares the content for campaign creation.
How Contentware Works - Select Image

Select Image

Next, Contentware’s AI engine selects a campaign image from our Shutterstock® collection. Once approved, the image is optimized for each marketing channel. Intelligent, AI-assisted cropping ensures all images have the correct dimensions and are properly framed.

How Contentware Works - Create Campaign

Create Campaign

Then, Contentware creates a campaign schedule with the optimal number of promotions for EACH marketing channel. Each promotion is complete with effective imagery, optimized copy, and compelling calls-to-actions.
How Contentware Works - Review & Deploy

Review & Deploy

Finally, review and approve content then schedule and post your promotions via our integrations with the leading social networks. Or, Download complete asset packages.

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